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Privileged Access Management & Security Solution.

DVLS_Tray Devolutions

Securing, Managing and Accessing
Privileged Accounts and Sessions

Devolutions Server lets you control access to privileged accounts and manage sessions through a secure solution that can be deployed enterprise wide. The solution enables passwords and credentials vaulting including integration with two-factor authentication (2FA) capabilities for maximum security around privileged assets and users.

Used in combination with Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server supports a wide range of systems focused on the IT department specific requirements. The solution can also be leveraged to manage shared accounts and users for your entire organization using Password Vault Manager and/or our web-based client including Devolutions Web Login for auto-login capabilities.

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Features and Highlights

Here's a peek at the basic features. For the complete details, click here.

Security Security

High-end security server for your company.

Share_2 Sharing

Share your sessions with multiple users.

Two_Factor 2FA

Wide choice of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) devices.

Language Deployment

Can be deployed online or internally.

Active_Directory User Management

Support Windows authentication and Active Directory group management.

Optimization Performance

Client and server side caching optimization.

SQL Compatibility

100% compatible with the SQL Server data source.

View_Sales Reports

Easily view connection logs and user activity.

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