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Secure Password & Access Management for the Entire Organization.

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Vault, manage and control access to
privileged accounts and end-user passwords

Managing and controlling access to privileged accounts and vaulting end-user passwords are of the utmost importance for any organization. With the growing concern over insider threats and data breaches, the real challenge we face is finding the right balance between keeping an organization’s assets secure and allowing users to be productive. The remedy is a comprehensive, highly-secured vaulted password management solution that can control access to your privileged accounts, while also improving overall network visibility for sysadmins and providing a seamless experience for end users.

What is Devolutions Server

Devolutions Server lets you control access to privileged accounts and manage sessions through a secure solution that can be deployed on-premises. When used in combination with Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server becomes the Swiss Army knife for any IT department, integrating passwords and credentials vaulting with a robust and efficient remote connections management solution. While using the same backend, the Devolutions Server web interface offers your end-users a simplified password management solution.

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Features and Highlights

Two_Factor Password Storage and Management

Store and manage all your administrator and end-user passwords in a secured and centralized vault.

Activate_Launch Automatically Launch Connections

Automatically launch remote connections to servers, websites and applications.

Security Secure Access to Critical Assets

Securely share passwords and credentials with the members of your team on need-to-know basis.

Enterprise Enterprise Ready

Enterprise features integrated directly to facilitate management of heavy number of privileged accounts and users.

Coffee Ease of Management

Eliminate password fatigue and the burden on administrators of using privileged account management.

View_Sales Detailed Access Reports

Efficiently answer who, what and when questions regarding any privileged access account with real-time alerts and detailed reports.

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Password Storage and Management

Centralized Password Vault Centralized Password Vault

Passwords are vaulted in a secured and centralized repository. The Web architecture allows you to share your repository on the Internet, Intranet or in a private cloud.

Manage Privileged Accounts Manage Privileged Accounts

Securely control access to shared accounts by having only admins grant privileged accesses. Manage your accounts using a folder structure representing your enterprise architecture.

Incorporated Password Manager Incorporated Password Manager

Fully integrates with your existing credential and personal password manager software to quickly inject all of your credentials.

Automatically Launch Connections

Automatic Web Login Automatic Web Login

Automatically log on to web sessions directly from the web interface using credential injection from the Devolutions Web Login browser extension.

Fully Integrated Technologies Fully Integrated Technologies

Supports an extensive list of technologies – VPNs, SSH protocols, virtual network computing and Remote Desktop Protocol.

Credential Injection Credential Injection

Credentials and passwords are automatically brokered to the user when launching a connection.

Secure Access to Critical Assets

Active Directory Integration Active Directory Integration

Role-based security system bound to Windows Active Directory groups to automatically grant permissions.

Role-Based Security System Role-Based Security System

Granular protection access control to privileged account credentials. Restrictions are predefined and enforced based on a role-based security system.

Two-Factor Authentication Two-Factor Authentication

Enforce two successive steps of authentication to grant access to privileged accounts. Widest choice of 2FA options integrated directly in the software.

Enterprise Ready

Multiple Repositories Multiple Repositories

Store and organize entries in an unlimited number of repositories to easily manage massive amounts of entries.

Private Vault Private Vault

User-specific repository that allows each user to have privileged accounts that only they can access.

IP Restrictions IP Restrictions

Restrict and control access to your passwords and credentials with specific IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.

Ease of Management

Automated Password Generator Automated Password Generator

Built-in password generator to ensure usage of strong passwords based on specific algorithms and password policies defined by the administrator.

Mobile Access Mobile Access

Access your privileged accounts directly from your mobile phone. Retrieve passwords and grant access wherever you go.

Password History Password History

View password history for a specific privileged account. Define the number of passwords that should be kept in the account history.

Detailed Access Reports

Comprehensive and Detailed Reporting Comprehensive and Detailed Reporting

Generate comprehensive and detailed reports about user access to privileged accounts, including login attempts and login history.

Real-Time Email Notification Real-Time Email Notification

Real-time email notification alerts for particular events on sessions, users and roles.

Current Access Report Current Access Report

Keep track of which users are connected by generating a list of currently connected users.

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