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Fast Deployment & Onboarding

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  • Check out our Devolutions Community Forum to ask your questions, make feature requests, and engage with our thriving user community.

Fast Deployment & Onboarding
Intuitive End-User Tools

Intuitive End-User Tools

  • Enforce strong, complex passwords with the built-in password generator to maximize the protection of privileged accounts.
  • Log into websites using passwords stored in your vaults with the Devolutions Web Login browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.
  • Perform vault-level commands to pass credentials between applications with the Devolutions Server CLI tool.
  • Send secure messages within your team, and safely pass privileged credentials from your vault to members who require access.

Highly Compatible*

  • Integrates easily with existing password managers, including: 1Password, AuthAnvil, CyberArk, Dashlane, KeePass, LastPass, Mateso Password Safe, PassPortal, Password Manager Pro, Password Safe, Password Vault Manager, Passwordstate, Pleasant Password Server, RoboForm, Thycotic Secret Server, Sticky Password, TeamPass, True Key, Windows Credential Manager, Zoho Vault, and Bitwarden.
  • Compatible with popular VPN clients like FortiClient, Microsoft VPN, Cisco VPN, SonicWall, Watchguard, Juniper, and IPSecVPN.

*Integration with external tools and remote connections requires Remote Desktop Manager working in conjunction with Devolutions Server.

Highly Compatible

Secure, Control and Monitor Access to Privileged Accounts

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