What is the Command-Line Interface Tool?

Users can easily perform actions like; create automated tasks, run scripts, rotate passwords for one-time use, and pass credentials between applications. Not only does the CLI let you securely interact with the database, but it also provides a means to pass credentials without exposing privileged information. The ability to broker credentials between applications has proven to be a vital component of any privileged access management (PAM) strategy.

The ability to eliminate hard-coded and unencrypted credentials altogether is one of the most secure forms of delivering credentials to applications or scripts and is a key aspect of any Application to Application Password Management (AAPM) system.

Download for Windows
Currently Supports the Following Parameters:
  • login (Logs a specific user into the server)
  • logout (Logs a specific user out of the server)
  • get (Returns credentials from a vaulted entry)
  • set (Updates credentials for a vaulted entry)
  • more commands are coming soon...

For a list of commands with examples, please refer to our Help Topic.